The Cordell-Powers Prize is an award for the best extemporaneous talk presented at the Pecos Conference each year by an archaeologist 35 years of age or younger.

The competition honors Linda S. Cordell and Robert P. Powers: teachers, mentors, advisers and friends to countless Southwestern archaeologists.

Applicants must register for the Pecos Conference, submit a title for their talk, a 100-word abstract and proof of age. The Prize Committee will select the best 10 applicants based on abstract quality and content.

The Pecos Conference board now is accepting donations for the 2017 Cordell-Powers Prize. Anyone wishing to donate can contact Pecos Conference board chair David E. Purcell at

Rules for Cordell-Power presentations:

--Presentations are limited to 10 minutes
--Presentations may report on interim or final results of archaeological field work or on research in which the speaker is an investigator or participant.
--Because the Pecos Conference is held outdoors, audiovisuals and electronic media are not permitted.

--Awards will be based on delivery, ability to engage the audience, organization and professionalism of the presentation, interest and importance of the subject matter, and the speaker’s adherence to the time limit.

Prizes in 2016

--First prize: $550

--Second prize: $300

--Third prize: $150
--Two honorable mentions: $100 each

--Five participants: $50 each.


Cordell-Powers Prize