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December 2016 -- The 2017 Pecos Conference will take place August 10-13 near Pecos, N.M., and the 80th Pecos Conference marks a year that will see exciting new developments for the event.
Most important, the Pecos Conference now is part of Southwest Archaeology Inc. and an official nonprofit organization. Not only does this make the mechanics of organizing a conference much easier, it also enables us to accept charitable contributions and sponsorships. We will be telling you more about these promising developments throughout the next year. For more information about the changes, go the the News Page.
As we did last year, we will make sure this web site has all the information you need about the 2017 conference: registration forms, merchandise options, driving directions, camping information, the best places to eat, drink or stay, and, as soon as possible, the schedule of posters and presentations.
Meanwhile, you can stay updated by joining our EMAIL LIST or through Facebook or Twitter, as well!

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The Pecos Conference Board

2017 Pecos Conference Scheduled for

August 10-13 at Pecos, N.M.

Pecos Conference Now Is a Nonprofit

    ALPINE, Ariz.--August 14, 2016--At the 2016 Pecos Conference Business Meeting, 87 of the assembled 96 members voted to approve the new bylaws for Southwestern Archaeology Inc., making the Pecos Conference and the Cordell/Powers Prize permanent programs of the 501(c)(3) corporation. There were no votes against, but nine abstained from the vote.
    Before the historic vote, Stephanie Welch, district archaeologist, Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests and organizer of this year’s conference, described the difficulties that she had endured while organizing the conference in obtaining a checking account, insurance and a liquor license for the event. To do so, she used the EIN (tax identification number) of Southwestern Archaeology Inc. and some help from the Homol’ovi Chapter of the Arizona Archaeological Society.
    With the assistance of Kim Spurr and Chuck Riggs, David Purcell followed with a presentation about Southwestern Archaeology, Inc., to the business meeting.
    In doing so, he reviewed the formation of the Pecos Conference Steering Committee in 2012, the vote in 2015 to incorporate Pecos Conference as a not-for-profit, and Brian Kenny’s generous donation of Southwestern Archaeology Inc. to be an umbrella nonprofit organization.
    Kenny has had a long association with Pecos Conference and for many years was the webmaster, hosting the Pecos Conference website on the Southwestern Archaeology Inc. web site.
    During the past year, a transitional board was formed consisting of Purcell, Spurr and Tom Windes, and bylaws were written to govern the new iteration of the organization.
    Purcell reviewed the key points of the bylaws, including a proposed eight-member board of directors, and the advantages to the Pecos Conference of a permanent, legal status.
    After fielding several thoughtful questions from the assembled members regarding specific points in the bylaws, Tom Windes called for a vote with Kim Spurr tallying the results.
    What is next? The transitional board is working to address immediate needs of the new organization before it votes for a new board of directors. The board plans to open bank accounts for the Pecos Conference Seed Money and Cordell/Powers Prize funds and to purchase from Charlotte Wolter the domain names that she secured for a new web site.
    The organization also will elect a new board of directors to replace the transitional board. This will involve a nomination process and vote later this fall. Position descriptions and the election process will be detailed on the current Pecos Conference website once they are finalized.
    However, two positions on the new board already have been determined as per the approved bylaws. The first members of the new board are Stephanie Welch, the  organizer of the 2016 Pecos Conference, who will be on the board for a one-year term in a nonvoting advisory position.
    And Jeremy Moss, Pecos National Historic Park Archaeologist, will join the board as the 2017 Pecos Conference organizer. After the 2017 conference has ended, Jeremy will remain on the board as the nonvoting advisor, replacing Stephanie Welch, and Kim Spurr will join the board as the 2018 Pecos Conference Organizer.
    Please check this site and watch for emails regarding the Southwestern Archaeology\ Inc. board nominations and other news about the Pecos Conference and the Cordell/Powers Prize.
    As a 501(c)(3) orgnization, donations to the Pecos Conference Seed Money or the Cordell/Powers Prize are now fully tax deductible! The board plan to include a means of making donations to these programs through the new web site, so please watch for that and consider us in your end-of-year charitable donations.
    A final note: Southwestern Archaeology Inc., has been operating since 1994, and was formally incorporated in 1998 as an educational nonprofit in Arizona. In addition to having been the past host to the Pecos Conference website (1994-2014), Southwestern Archaeology Inc., also operated the Got Caliche? list-serve newsletter for information of interest about topics relevant to southwestern archaeology (1995-2002).

    Southwestern Archaeology and the Pecos Conference are in no way affiliated with Archaeology Southwest, formerly the Center for Desert Archaeology, a not-for-profit based in Tucson, Ariz., that publishes Archaeology Southwest magazine among many other educational programs.
    Brian Kenny did donate the Got Caliche? list serve to Doug Gann at Desert Archaeology after 2002, which was the genesis of the weekly Archaeology Southwest email newsletter. While many of us are members of Archaeology Southwest and are proud to support its initiatives, Southwestern Archaeology Inc., the Pecos Conference and the Cordell/Powers Prize have no affiliation with Archaeology Southwest.
    Southwestern Archaeology Inc., will develop and operate a web site for the Pecos Conference and the Cordell/Powers Prize, will provide the EIN for future events, will obtain an insurance policy for all of activities. Further, it will manage the funds of both the Pecos Conference and the Cordell/Powers Prize, and any future programs. You will know us as the Pecos Conference or the Cordell/Powers Prize, but Southwestern Archaeology Inc., will remain in the background to avoid any confusion with Archaeology Southwest.