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Aug 15

Congratulations to the Cordell/Powers Prize Participants.


We had a fantastic group of presenters this year with a wide array of topics. Join us in congratulating them below. Feel free to ask questions and make comments on the talks as well.

2019 Cordell/Powers Prize Participants (Photo by Kellam Throgmorton)2019 Cordell/Powers Prize Participants (Photo by Kellam Throgmorton)
2019 Cordell/Powers Prize Participants (Photo by Kellam Throgmorton)

Genevieve Woodhead - 1st (with Cordell Retablo) $700

Corrugated Pottery: A Legible Record?


Caitlin Wichlacz - 1st (with Powers plaque) $700

The Mystery of the Salado


Christopher R. Caseldine - 2nd $550

People of Flood: Hohokam Response to Flooding in the Lower Salt River Valley, Arizona


Wade Campbell - 3rd $400

Returning to Walatowa: An Update on the 2019 San Diego de la Congregacion Mission Project, Jemez Pueblo, NM


Ali Livesay - Honorable Mention $175

Through the Window Glass: The Wonders of Working with Descendant Communities


Jakob Sedig - Honorable Mention $175

Out with the Old, in with the New: Environmental Stress and Religious Transformation during the Mimbres Transitional Phase


Natalie Cunningham - Participant Award $75

The Pueblo Halloween: Cross-Quarters in Southeast Utah


Danielle Huerta - Participant Award $75

What the [Glaze] F?! Preliminary Data from a Regional Analysis of Late Rio Grande Glaze Ware Sociotechnological Change, A.D. 1598-1700


Kelsey Reese - Participant Award $75

A View from the Mesa Verde North Escarpment


Thatcher Andrew Rogers - Participant Award $75

A Cultural Menangerie between the Ranges: Late Formative Period Archaeology from the San Pedro to the Playas