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Kalosky, Ethan Kenneth

(1982 – 2022 Feb.14): Age 40

Ethan Kalosky was born in Erie, PA, to Kenneth and Patricia Kalosky. He is survived by his father Kenneth Kalosky; mother, Patricia Kalosky; brother, Adam Kalosky; sister-in-law, Kelly Granback; and brother, Lee Kalosky; sister-in-law, Kendra Hamilton. Ethan was a natural-born leader and continued that trend moving forward in life, being elected commencement speaker of his Cathedral Prep graduation in Erie, PA. He later completed his B.A. at Northwestern University and completed his M.A in Anthropology at the University of New Mexico. Ethan had a gifted mind and excelled in his work as a cultural resource specialist at Parametrix Engineering and Environmental Sciences. Ethan left a lasting impression on everyone he met. He was known for having a big heart, happy disposition, and taking part in good conversation. Ethan loved music and had a special talent for playing the guitar and was often seen picking and strumming whenever one was in reach. Ethan was a proud and knowledgeable Eagle Scout and was a mentor to younger scouts within Scout Troop 57 located in North East, PA. Ethan also had a remarkable aptitude for the written word. For those of us lucky enough to read his prose, it is nothing short of genius. Ethan was taken from us all too quickly, but he would want us to remember him for his amazing talents, loving soul, and unique approach to living his life to its fullest. He will be interminably missed and infinitely loved. Memorial donations may be made in Ethan's name to BSA Troop 57 c/o John Hallenburg, 50 Riverside Drive, North East, PA 16428.

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