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For the safety and well-being of organizers, volunteers, vendors, and participants, Pecos Conference 2020 is cancelled in response to the COVID19 pandemic, just as Pecos was not held in response to the Great Depression and World War II. Organizer Chuck Riggs made the decision with the unanimous support of the Board of Directors of Southwestern Archaeology, Inc. The essence of Pecos Conference is networking and face-to-face interactions, a format that is not amenable to current legal mandates and recommendations for social distancing. Cancellation of Pecos Conference for 2020 imposes no financial burden on the organization, whereas holding the conference under the current circumstances may invoke significant potential financial and legal risk.

Pecos Conference will be held next in the same location near Mancos, Colorado, over August 5-9, 2021, and we look forward to seeing you all then. The Cordell/Powers Prize Committee has extended the age limit for Cordell/Powers Prize presenters by one year to 36 for 2021 to ensure that no one who would have been in their final year of eligibility for 2020 misses their opportunity to participate. Additionally, the Board of Directors passed an Emergency Resolution to extend all terms of the Board of Directors by one year, because cancellation of Pecos Conference 2020 also cancelled the annual Business Meeting and election for the positions of Treasurer, Vice President, and Pecos Organizer.  Pecos Conference 2021 will include a regular Business Meeting and election for those positions on the Board of Directors. Some modifications to the usual format may be necessary to accommodate the public health situation in 2021. Please monitor this space prior to the event for updates.

-The Board of Directors of Southwestern Archaeology, Inc.

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Each August, archaeologists gather under open skies somewhere in the southwestern United States or northwestern Mexico. We set up a large tent for shade, and then spend three or more days together discussing recent research, problems of the field, and the challenges of the profession. Most participants camp at the conference. 

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The Pecos Conference is founded on building community ties between archaeologists in the American Southwest. Check out our new forum called The Pecos Connection which is a place to continue conversations started at the conference. Click the link below to explore!
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