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Presenter Application

Pecos Conference reports are oral, informal, and extemporaneous; 10 minutes in length; and 1) summarize recent field work, 2) identify issues, trends, or problems of culture history, methodology, or interpretation, or 3) update recent activities of long-running programs. Reports are made in an open tent with the assistance of a public address system, without visual aids (slides, PowerPoint, or video) other than handouts or a poster. Papers read to the audience from a printout are discouraged in the spirit of informality. Poster presentations will be made in the vendor/registration tent; the length of time posters are available to view will depend on the number of poster abstracts submitted.

Planning to participate in the Cordell/Powers Prize? Click here to learn about rules and prizes. When applying to present select "Cordell/Powers Prize" from the Presentation Type drop-down. Only the first 10 eligible applicants will be accepted. 

Update: Applications for the 2024 Cordell/Powers Prize participation are currently not being accept. Check back in May for updates.

Apply to Present:

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